The Android team uses the most advanced tools and technologies to create highly personalized applications for clients. Now let’s start with the specifics of Android app development, along with tips on where to hire the right project specialist. Depending on the project requirement, business nature & industry trends, the needed time varies. Connect with our consultants, discuss your project & hire android developers from us to get proper time estimation accordingly. Firstly, you need to discuss the project requirements and budget before you finalize the pricing model to hire remote Android developers.

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Reddit is a great place to look for various Android Development communities, including r/androiddev, r/Android, r/androidapps, r/RedditAndroidDev, etc. You can also join related communities on Discord and interact with thousands of members. Collaborate with local academies and educational institutions to find aspiring Android developers. Attend Android and related events to network with talented developers. Search for the upcoming regional or global Android Developers conferences online.

Specifics of developing a mobile app for the Android platform

Android app developers should be well up in the subject and know how to work with SQLite databases if your app users need to use the app offline. Initial ideas, further integrations, end functionality, and new features’ introduction all play a part in the final budget. For you as a startup owner, it’s extremely beneficial to develop a deep understanding of your needs — and convey them to the dev team. Only then will it estimate the duration of certain development phases, the number and type of technologies involved, and the time needed to complete the project. The diverse Android spectrum—from high-end smartphones to budget mobile devices—offers a colorful range of screen sizes, hardware capabilities, and operating system versions. A quality Android developer, therefore, understands that adaptable and flexible code ensures optimal performance and usability across all devices.

hire android developer

It’s not a simple process, and using it incorrectly can leave your code exposed and your app size bigger. In addition, a seasoned developer should know not to use it except when releasing an application. There is no real reason to obfuscate it while you test your app before the release, because it’s still not available for the public. Android app developers should be proficient in Java and Kotlin — the two main languages for this branch of app engineering. Syntax, frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, functional programming, and generics — all these fields are important for turning a mess of moving code pieces into the winning combination of functions. Developing Android applications that will enjoy enduring popularity and put you on track to stellar revenues isn’t simple.

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Our team runs consistent app tests to verify the app’s correctness, functional behaviour as well as usability. You might prefer that your developer will update you frequently, or maybe only for important things. Even when assigning small tasks, it’s still important to pay attention to whether your candidate updates you on important changes, and generally in an expected frequency. Providing an accurate ETA for big tasks though can be harder to predict because, often, there may be more product adjustments, features, and unexpected bugs along the way. You should notice if they completed this task in the ETA they provided, and if not, you should get proper explanations and, again, that shouldn’t usually happen for small tasks. Monitoring crashes is crucial when you’ve released an app, because you cannot predict all the crashes you may get, and if a user’s app crashes, you’d like to know about it and fix it.

hire android developer

Get in touch with our app developers as they use technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to create smart mobile applications. A key part of mobile application development is being able to comprehend and carry over the business’s requirements into the project’s technical aspects. Due to this, having experience when it comes to working in corporate and business environments, as well as the skills that come with it, can not be overlooked. And, in order to do this well, you obviously need to determine how to hire an Android developer.

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Code completion tasks assess a candidate’s understanding of syntax and their ability to write correct and well-formed code. Engage with active contributors in Android Development-related open-source projects. For instance, Kutumb collaborated with HackerEarth to run the Android Hiring Challenge in 2022, to hire Android Developers.

An expert developer will already be comfortable enough with one of them to get the job done. Android developers should have experience in managing databases, at least simple ones. There are many services that a developer can use to manage a database via a simple API. To better select your next developer, you should also check to see if they have their own apps in the Play Store, and not just ones they’ve done as jobs for clients. Finally, publishing an app to Google Play is a pretty simple process, but understanding all of the Play features can dramatically help you to improve your application and gain more downloads.

And we start coding

You should think about hiring dedicated android developers to have an android application for your business. The main reason is that you will have full control over the developers and they will work exclusively on your project only. You can say that the cost to hire android app developers will depend upon the type of features you want in your application. If you want a more attractive android application with extra features then the cost will be more.

Familiarity with the core concepts of these two programming languages—including syntax and basics, frameworks, functional programming, and multithreading—is fundamental for any Android developer. One of the most important things to know when hiring an Android developer is to know which programming skills are essential for a programmer who is joining your team. These are necessary not only for specific jobs, but for a developer to have as a whole, as they are the must-haves which can not and should not be ignored or glanced over. Roles such as Android UI/UX designers may prioritize skills related to creating visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces.

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If you are still not satisfied with their work, you should reach out to the project manager and explain your concerns. ValueCoders may be able to provide additional resources or work with you to find a new developer who better meets your needs. Overall, developing an Android app can help to improve your business’s visibility, engagement, revenue, and customer satisfaction, making it a worthwhile investment for many businesses and organizations. Assign tasks and receive daily updates for seamless collaboration and accountability. Android is compatible with many devices, from smartphones to tablets to smart watches.

hire android developer

Here are some add-on benefits of hiring Android developers from India through Uplers. You can communicate with Android developers through skype, email, calls, and messages. We conduct a scientifically designed aptitude test to check Android developers reasoning and problem-solving ability. If you have decided to start your dream project then connect with us because we will provide the best services for your project. The offer itself is essentially an agreement detailing when the developer can start, what is expected of them to deliver and when, and terms. Due to the nature of freelance work, this agreement shouldn’t dictate how they work, because they control how the work is done on their own.

Android Development: Facts and Stats

With the help of our proficient android app developers get different types of wearable android applications as they have been using technologies like the Internet of Things to create the best apps. Senior Android developers should demonstrate expertise in advanced topics like performance optimization, security, and architectural design, along with leadership skills for guiding junior developers. They might also be involved in high-level decisions regarding app architecture. When you hire android developers from our team, you can expect to work with experts who are proficient in various technologies, including Java, Kotlin, and Android Studio. We work with a client-centric approach, ensuring that we understand your requirements and develop the app accordingly.

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