Yes, puppies can safely wear a Seresto collar. The best age to start using the Seresto Flea and Tick Collar is at 8 weeks or older. If you have a puppy younger than 8 weeks, speak with your veterinarian about other flea and tick prevention alternatives.

Seresto collars can be used on puppies over 8 weeks old and above 7 pounds in weight. The collar is highly recommended for puppies since it offers long-term protection throughout the course of their life. As long as the collar is worn properly around your puppy’s neck, it will help protect them against fleas and ticks for up to 8 months.

When putting the Seresto Collar on your puppy, you should make sure it fits snugly around their neck and that they cannot chew it off. It’s also important to maintain a tight fit—you don’t want any extra space between their skin and the collar because this could allow insects to get underneath. Additionally, you should check very often to ensure that your puppy has not grown large enough for the collar to become too tight or too loose.

What age are puppies when they can wear a Seresto collar safely?

Puppies can safely wear a Seresto collar once they reach 8 weeks of age and are at least 10 pounds in weight. The collar must fit snugly, much like a t-shirt would on human babies. This means that you may need to adjust the size for your tiny pup’s neck regularly until their adult size has been reached.

You should never put a Seresto collar on a puppy younger than 8 weeks of age, as this can cause potential harm to the animal’s health. At 8 weeks old, puppies have developed strong necks that are capable of withstanding the weight of the collar and wearing it comfortably. Furthermore, puppies at this stage may not yet be large enough to carry an adult-sized Seresto collar without choking or having difficulty breathing due to the tight-fitting material against their small throats.

Is there any risk for puppies to wear the collar?

When it comes to puppies wearing the Seresto collar, there is some risk associated with it. Puppies are not nearly as resistant to pest control substances as adult dogs and cats. You need to be right here aware of how their little bodies may react if they accidentally ingest or come in direct contact with the chemicals in the collar.

That’s why it’s important to observe extra caution when using a Seresto collar on a puppy. Make sure that you keep an eye on them when they wear it and take it off if you ever notice any sign of adverse reaction. If you feel like your puppy is having any allergic reactions due to the collar, then consider speaking to your veterinarian about other ways to manage pests without using a topical medication.

How do I know if my puppy is ready for a Sesto collar?

The best way to determine if your puppy is ready for a Seresto collar is to consult with your veterinarian. Your vet can evaluate your puppy’s age, size and overall health to determine if a Seresto collar is safe.

Also be sure to read the manufacturer’s safety recommendations for safely fitting the collar on your pup. The Sresto collar should not fit too tightly or too loose – it should fit snugly around the neck without any gaps between the edges of the collar and your pup’s skin.

Once fitted properly, you should be able to easily slide two fingers between the neck of your pup and the edge of the collar – this will act as an indication that it fits appropriately. Be sure to read up on how frequently you need to adjust it as your pup grows!

Can I use flea medication on my puppy in addition to the Sereste collar?

Yes, you can use flea medication in addition to the Seresto collar on your puppy. Of course, it’s important to understand when and how it should be used. For starters, flea medications help pet owners keep their pets free of fleas by killing them once they’ve hatched from eggs. The key is to make sure the medication is applied at regular intervals.

Additionally, if you decide to use flea medication in combination with a Seresto collar, be sure to consult your veterinarian about which type of flea product will work best for your pet. Some products may require more frequent applications or have side effects that may not be suitable for your puppy. As always, it’s also important to follow all safety precautions when applying any type of medication or insecticide on your pet.


Puppies can wear Seresto collars after 8 weeks of age, but it’s important that you buy the correct size for your pup and ensure it’s fitted correctly, as improper fitting collars may not be as effective. It’s also important to keep in mind that using only the collar may not be enough to protect your pup; you may need to combine additional products with the collar if the problem is still persistent.

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